About Us

SmartsWay Holding Co., chaired by Dr. Salah Al-Rashed, is a leading and pioneer company that owns and operates many small and middle size projects in the Middle East and North America (MENA), Sri Lanka, UK and Bosnia. Some of these projects are:

1. International Academy of Personal Development (www.iAcademyPD.com)
2. Al-Rashed Center for Psychological and Social Consultancy (www.alrashed.net)
3. Real Dreams Trips Co. (www.ReaklDreamsTrips.com)
4. H.E.R. Massage Center (www.HERMassageCenter.com)
5. H.E.R. Holistic Center in Sri Lanka
6. H.E.R. Limited Co. in Bosnia and Hercegovina
7. SmartsWay Limited Co. in UK.
8. Al-Rashed Franchise, Inc.
9. H.E.R. Technologies (www.HERTechnologies.net)
10. H.E.R. Naturals Co. (www.HERNaturals.net)
11. MyShop.ac (www.MyShop.ac)
12. SmartsWay Limited Co. in Bosnia
13. SmartsWay Studio UK, Limited Co. in UK.
14. D.E.A. Children Developmental Center in Sri Lanka (non-Profit Org.)
15. Salam International (www.SalamInternational.org) (non-Profit Org.)


"Our purpose is to express our deep knowledge of our specialty, well perceived brand names and wide global connections by being committed to an ongoing development, continuing to provide the pioneering services and keeping on contact with the best in the field to establish a worldwide brand name, get the company to a profitable level, and shift most of the business online to reach everyone."

Our Goals

- Establishing and managing companies and specialized centers working in the field of social and psychological development.
- Establishing and managing teaching, training and educating centers and academies that promote personal and human development awareness.
- Producing and marketing written, electronic, visual and audio programs specialized in personal development.
- Organizing and managing fairs, health centers, medical alternatives, natural products and universal health awareness centers.
- Organizing specialized trips in treatment, training, personal and family development.
- Implementing studies and projects related to human development for global organizations, states and governments.
- Spreading awareness of acceptance, tolerance, and enlightenment.